More about Me as a Writer and Video Creator

I am your U.S. Writer, but I also am more than just your writer. I now provide your target audience a more visual content viewing experience.

A Little bit of history of me as a writer

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Hi, I began my writing career in 2005. You can also call me your UX content creator because I provide text, image and graphic compositions that tell the story of your brand. In a way that will gradually expand your social media territory. 


Order custom content from me or meet with me to discuss your marketing content concerns. While you’re waiting for a response fro me, browse ready-to-download content now available for immediate use. Choose from unique and PLR items.

Julie U.S. Writer Services

I offer the complete branding package that keeps in mind your mission statement or cause.

See also my services page. Otherwise, view the descriptions you see in the next section on this page that you are on now. 

Creation of compelling branded text content for the web

All text is formatted with your target audience in mind. I can make blog articles easily scannable with section headings that have background images, for instance. Otherwise, I could provide longform text for crowds that do not enjoy an excess number of images on the page.

You can order a single article, or you can request multiple. Usually, there is an adjusted rate for series of content on the same topic. 

Upon request, I offer a complete content package that includes at least one blog post and 10 social media posts. I also provide four email sequence posts plus the following:

  • Images formatted in the text
  • Slideshow with similar graphics as the blog page
  • Text formatted on image backgrounds for social media 
  • Image blog title featured images
  • and more
You can go to my Services page to watch a video and see more ways I reach a social media audience with all kinds of content. 

Social media management and engaging posts

Nothing seems to wow a social media following like a variety of types of content. I have found that fewer quality posts consistently scheduled at recommended times works best. It also helps to run a few on your networks at non-peak times. You never know when you will catch the right person.

I plan an entire calendar for anywhere from a month to a year in advance. The number of times per day I post depends on the network.

For instance, I might post on Twitter several times throughout the day. However, on LinkedIn maybe only a maximum of twice a week. Facebook, it can vary from day to day, and so on. 

You can cut down the amount of times you post if you create more visual content. For example. posting one video and a few short quotes and memes with gifs or photos could cut down the need to post every day. 

I would discuss with you your budget and plans when you make an appointment to talk to me. 

Video editing and animated explainer content with avatars

If you want to increase online engagement on your social media pages by more than 50 percent, videos with animation is the way to go. You have plenty of options when it comes to presenting eye-catching media to your viewers.

I have more samples to post, but for now, here’s some I am featuring right now.  Please view this playlist. These were created with ficticious business names for demonstration purposes.

Ideally, I would love to have any voice recordings or intro videos you already created. I can incorporate them into brand new productions. I could create 15-second timeline clips and other productions you want. They can be as long or as short as you want.

I  also have the rights to more than 50 ready-made promotional voiceovers and several text-to-speech voices. To personalize them, I would take the parts of these ready-made recordings that would most apply to you.

Then, I would add your business name either in my voice or someone else’s voice, and it would be edited in a way that makes sense. By the way, the human voiceovers also include a real person in the video.

It also would include explainer video, white board, kinetic or other kinds of animated elements in them. I have licenses to loads of stock photos, motion graphics and a ton of other image assets I can use in these. I even have some 3D avatars that I can lip sync with text-to-speech, and I also have another program to use for lip syncing with human voices.

Examples of the kinds of industries I could use these for include bakery, construction, marriage counselors, lawyers, alarm companies, and a few dozen more. I’m hoping to post a sample of each type of business as soon as possible. For now, I will start with what you see below.

Production of multiple forms of content to improve website accessibility

I've taken it upon myself to start providing a free text-to-speech file and/or audio with video captions to complement website content. For instance, I just built a site that has soundcloud files of each home page section. Video content usually has captions incorporated into the design of the slides or frames.

Some quotes and memes I posted lately have been accompanied by my own voice, text-to-speech narration or music — or both the voice and background music. 

I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to expand a brand’s reach to a wider audience. Making content that everyone can either hear or see is one of my objectives. 

I even just recently started an email campaign that includes audio. 

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