4 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

It’s not 2007 anymore. Social media has become more than just a tool to use to talk to personal friends. At the same time, your followers do appreciate a real experience. Watch the video below, or read more about 2019 social media trends you should not ignore.

Don't Ignore these Four 2019 Social Media Trends

#1. People want a face.

Your face would represent your brand. It would also be in the stories you tell in your selfie pictures and videos

Social media is about sharing life experiences. Whether a live recording or a story you prepared in advance, authenticity is the key. This will help build trust between you and your brand following. Customers want the face behind the name.

#2. People want a story.

People love to hear about how a company first formed. It help them feel like you are real and that they are not just another customer service number.

Using a mixture of professionalism and personalism, you can tell your story in a way that your target audience will understand. 

It will also instill your company name within their minds. They are more likely to remember you if you tell them an engaging back story about your company.

#3. People want creativity.

Although authenticity is important, originality that demonstrates creativity is as well.

Although people may want to see your face, you also can offer them some content that entertains. It will peak their interest even if the story is semi-fictional. 

In some cases, it may be better to tell a story without your face to perhaps protect the privacy of others. At the same time, the effort you put into your messages to the world through video, animation, images, infographics and more will touch their hearts even if they have never met you.

#4. People want quality.

Fewer, more well-thought-out posts is what’s “in” right now rather than a bunch of mediocre posts no one cares about is what people want.

You may have noticed some real junk on your timelines. I know I’ve hidden a few posts here and there throughout my time on social media. Oh, and word of warning: 

Although I’m not entirely against those autogenerated quote making apps out there right now, you have to be careful. I did some test campaigns and ended up with a bunch of obscure sayings. Random text is not going to impact anyone.

So Why Should You Care About Online Engagement?

77 percent of U.S. citizens have had a social profile from 2008-2018.

Online shopping has increased dramatically on social media as well.

You need to take advantage of the tools available on social media. However, you have to remember it’s 2019. What works now may not be the same thing that worked in say 2007. Schedule an appointment with me to learn how. 

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