I, Julie U.S. Writer, produce copy for all kinds of publications including content for websites, blogs, emails, newsletters, brochures and more. I even offer creative non-fiction stories and memoirs upon request. In addition, I also provide an array of multimedia to use on your social media pages. For instance, you probably have seen those cute cat and dog pictures with sayings on them or nature pictures with inspirational quotes on them. I can help you produce that along with slide shows and much more for your sites. Go here to view my portfolio, contact me for answers to all your questions, or make an appointment to discuss your marketing plans.

In addition to copywriting, I provide these services:

  • Image quotes and meme creation–  I have two options for you: I can mass-create a batch of image quotes and memes matching the right sayings with the right photos to get them scheduled live fast. Alternatively, I can spend more time on each one creating a more customized meme experience for your websites and social media pages.
  • Multi-platform social media management — Let me post on one page or several pages strategically using best posting times for each social network. For instance, I might put the same text on Twitter at 2 a.m. if it makes more sense, but perhaps the same post should be scheduled on Facebook at three in the afternoon.
  • Social media post scheduling — I can schedule posts at least several months in advance using various social media scheduling tools. If you want, I can also arrange to have timely content mixed in one or more times per week so you can have your target audience talking about hot topics as well as ongoing issues that matter to them.
  • Videos and slide shows — It’s now 2018, and you cannot live on just text alone. In fact, a recent report states that having videos on your websites and social media pages increases time spend on a website by up to 88 percent.
  • Basic WordPress website setup and design — I could set your company up with a website similar to this one you are on now or set you up with a site them that would suit the needs of your company and site visitors.
  • Online brand establishment — It is important to have your website match all your social media pages. This includes your domain and all your social media usernames as well as your logos, headers and cover photos. I will make sure you stand out when launching your business online.

Feel free to contact me today with questions or schedule an appointment to discuss your online marketing plans.