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If you’ve come to this portfolio because you were looking for  a specific sample, and you don’t see it, I probably moved it. Please scroll down to view more of my samples.
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The pre- and post-published writing samples you see further down this page are categorized into categories, and they demonstrate both AP and business styles of writing:

  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • and more


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back to top Here you can view my health and wellness article samples further sorted into the following subcategories:
This is what I would write for clients asking me to create content on alternative medicines and home remedies. Nitin Jain is one client for which I wrote content like this.
What you see below is examples of content written for a client who wanted me to produce content for medication websites.
Need content for websites helping people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health condition? I can produce this type of content for you similar to what you see in the following samples.
A number of articles I already wrote were for clients running addiction recovery and treatment centers.
Here's my two cents' worth concerning love and relationships as written for previous clients and my own blog. I included an edit version of a two-page article originally written for longtime client Nitin Jain. See also other samples posted below this one. Click or tap on images for a larger view.
Samples that I wrote related to starting a home business, being an entrepreneur or making money are posted here. Work at home and affiliate marketing tips are also displayed in this section.
Here's a small taste of the kind of technology articles I wrote for Boost Software and other tech clients.
What you see featured in this topic section is accounts of my own travel adventures. In addition, you will notice a few of the types of articles I wrote for clients since 2005. Travel topics include hotel, destination, entertainment, and restaurant reviews. I also provided information about last-minute trips, cheap airline flights, couples getaways, and resort recommendations. In addition, I gave advice about car rental and identity protection. I still write content like this, and now I include images and videos upon request.
In 2007, I began writing Fashion History articles for Steve Pearson of The People History.com. I also wrote series of short biographies of famous designers for various clients including Freelancerite.
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What you see below is a few of the samples of the emails, newsletters and other marketing content I have written since 2005.
You can click or tap on each sample you see below to make them larger for easier viewing. These examples give you an idea of the kinds of text and  image posts I publish for clients on their social media pages.
View my collection of video, infographic, image and animation samples as posted on social media. Tap or click to zoom in on each one for easier viewing.
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The copy I write for website pages usually corresponds to what I would write for an offline brochure. I will fashion the layout according to what is necessary for both online and offline publication. Content for website pages includes "About Us," "Our Services," and biography pages.

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